16 08 2011

Hello guys! It is with sadness that I inform you that Owngoal has been shut down. I am moving to the US tonight to do my PG, and wont be able to continue it there. Thanks to all those who supported it, gave questions, and commented. Happy quizzing! Adios Amigos!


12 08 2011

Which sporting team gets its name from the creature shown?

Answer = This is the Jersey Devil, a legendary creature  said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. The New Jersey Devils take their name from this creature.

Omkar Nene wins Week 90 with 4 points. Congratulations! ūüôā


11 08 2011

“X is a compendium of sporting knowledge. And at your service. I try to answer most of your questions – on cricket or any sport – but sometimes I can’t, or just don’t have the time. That doesn’t stop other people trying to answer, of course!”

So who is X?

Answer = Steven Lynch, of Cricinfo’s “Ask Steven” fame



10 08 2011

This is a French¬†professional wrestler,¬†known as “The French Angel”¬†fought in the early 1940s. His usual finishing move was the¬†bearhug.¬†¬†In his twenties, he developed¬†acromegaly, a rare disease that causes bones to grow wildly and uncontrollably. Who/what did he inspire?

Answer = He is Maurice Tillet, and he inspired the look of Shrek



9 08 2011

This is a bust of a Sicilian wine industrialist, located at the place where the oldest sports car racing event, which he founded, was run. Name him and the race.

Answer = Vincenzo Florio, who started the race Targa Florio.

Cracked only by Omkar once more





8 08 2011

This person, a Scottish whisky distiller, created many sporting trophies. One of these went on to spawn a now annual event in UK. Name him and the competition that evolved from the competition he created.

Answer = This is Thomas Dewar, who created the Sheriff of London Charity Shield. It was stopped in 1907, though it was resurrected twice later. It went on to spawn the FA Community Shield Championship.

Cracked only by Omkar Nene




5 08 2011

This is the logo of a segment that was extremely popular in 2006 during the Winter Olympics, when it was a part of the show called “Olympic Ice” telecast by USA Network. ¬†Viewers were invited to send in questions which this one person answered on the air. The segment proved very popular so ABC and ESPN put it into various broadcasts, most notably the¬†2007 Skate America, the¬†2007 United States Figure Skating Championships, and the¬†2007 World Figure Skating Championships. What is the name of the segment, or who was the person who answered the questions?

Answer = The answer was partly there in the question itself. The person is Richard Button, American figure skater, and two time winner of the Olympic Gold. The show was called “Push Dick’s Button”.

Omkar wins the title for the 3rd week in a row! Congrats!