28 04 2010

Sorry people, couldn’t post questions for the past couple of days. Was busy with exams. ūüė¶ Guess I will be, till mid-May. So look out for a brand new week starting on Monday the 17th of May ūüôā



23 04 2010

Today’s is a text question and comes from one of our regulars Mithilesh, who also bags a point for contributing the question.

The first recorded history of the company is in 1366. In 1708, Sebastian ______ became the master brewer at Den Horen, and gave his name to the brewery in 1717.

In 1926, the company was launched as a seasonal beer especially for the Christmas holiday market. It was first sold in Canada. The name, logo and the colour associated with it are all inspired from the Christmas season.

It is also associated with something royal in England from 1979 to 2008. Identify the company/brand.

Answer = Stella Artois, of the tennis tournament fame.

And for a change, we have a person other than Mithilesh bagging the honors -Rohit- with 4.5 points


23 04 2010

What term was coined by this guy as reference to his team’s objective for the 1988-89 season?

(They didn’t achieve it)

Answer = Three-peat is a portmanteau of the words three and repeat, which has been trademarked for commercial use by retired basketball coach Pat Riley. It is used  in American sports to refer to winning a third championship in a row.

Riles & Co., the¬†corporate entity of¬†¬†Pat Riley, submitted in¬†November 1988 a¬†trademark¬†application for the use of¬†three-peat on shirts, jackets and hats. At the time, the phrase was being used by members and fans of the¬†Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, of whom Riley was the head coach, regarding the Lakers’ quest that season to obtain what would have been a third successive NBA championship. According to Riley, it was Laker player¬†Byron Scott who coined the term in reference to the team’s goal for that season.

In 1989, Riles & Co. successfully registered the trademark under U.S. Registration Number 1552980. (The Lakers did not win a third consecutive NBA championship in 1989)


22 04 2010

What came about as a result of this company being chosen as the principal sponsor of the ¬†world’s oldest sports-related television program still on air?

Answer  = Ooh! Guess this question could have more than one answer. Should have been more clear. What I was looking for was this :

In¬†ice hockey, the¬†three stars of a match are the three best players as chosen by a third party, with the¬†first star considered the best of the three players, akin to the¬†man of the match in other sports. Usually, the top point scorers or outstanding goaltenders are designated the three stars, but other players may be considered by affecting the game by other means (e.g. consistent physical play, many steals, blocked shots,etc.). This came about in the¬†1936‚Äď37 NHL season when¬†Imperial Oil became the principal sponsor of Hockey Night in Canada and introduced the award to¬†advertise its ‚ÄúThree Star‚ÄĚ brand of gasoline.

Only Sandipan Ghosh and Rohit get points for mentioning “three stars”. Mithilesh and Praveen dont, as they mentioned only Hockey Night in Canada


20 04 2010

Id her. Also, with whom did she win her only Grand Slam title?

No part points.

Answer = Mary Carillo, the American ex-tennis player and ESPN and CBS sportscaster. She won the French Open in 1977 with John McEnroe


19 04 2010

He is a small forward/shooting guard currently playing for the Portland Trailblazers. What nickname, a take-off  on his last name, was he given by his friend?

Answer = This is Martell Webster, who, for obvious reasons, is nicknamed “The Definition”


17 04 2010

A pictorial form of a children’s game is shown below. It’s also the name of a style in a certain sport, due to it’s similarity to the game. Gimme the name of the style/game and first person to use it.

Answer = This is the game called “Peekaboo“, also happens to be a style used in boxing where the boxer moves around with his gloves hovering just in front of his eyes. Was developed by trainer Cus D’Amato and used first by Floyd Patterson and then quite a few other boxers, including Mike Tyson.

And Mithilesh wins it this week too, with a perfect 5