31 12 2009

This is a logo representing _____, and the _____ industry, and used to promote the product and its manufacturers. The logo was incorporated as the emblem of the X, initially using the same design, but later modified to include the team’s full name.  Just gimme X.

Answer = This is the Steelmark, representing steel and the steel industry. Its owned by the American Iron and Steel Institute. Needless to say, X is Pittsburgh Steelers



30 12 2009

Id the 2 people

Answer = Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, and Bob Dylan, who wrote the song “Hurricane” in which he claimed that Carter was innocent, after Carter had been convicted for the murder of 3 people in June 1966 in New Jersey


29 12 2009

Whose biography is this?

Answer = Magnus Carlsen, described as the “Mozart of chess”


29 12 2009

Sorry guys! Couldnt post last night. So posting two questions now. These will be up till tomorrow night.

X was named after 1. In 1993, after winning 2,  he broke a long-standing tradition and did something that didn’t go down well with his fans. Though he explained his action later, he was booed and heckled by his fans time and again.

Id X,1 and 2. What was the tradition? How did X break it?

1 =

2 =

Answer = X is Emerson Fittipaldi. 1 is Ralph Waldo Emerson. 2 is the Borg-Warner trophy, awarded to the winner of the Indy 500. While the winner of the Indy 500 traditionally drinks milk, our man gulped in some orange juice to promote Copersucar, his brother’s sugar company


27 12 2009

What is this trophy awarded for?

Answer = This is the America’s Cup, the oldest active trophy in international sport


26 12 2009

Whom does this figurine very aptly represent?

Answer = Cameroonian footballer Roger Milla, who started the practice of  dancing around the corner flag after scoring a goal. He is the oldest player to play in the FIFA WC and was voted as the “African Player of the Century”

And Haroon takes the honors yet again, by answering 5


25 12 2009

This guy, and another one called Walter Winans, are the only 2 people to achieve a certain feat which cannot be done now. Who is he and what is the feat?

Answer = This guy is Alfred Hajos, a Hungarian swimmer. He, and American Walter Winans, are the only two people to win an Olympic gold in both sport and art competitions.