31 03 2011

Id the dude in the pic. Workable

Answer = Carl Diem, a German sports administrator, and as Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the Berlin Olympic Games, the chief organizer of the 1936 Olympic Summer Games. He created the tradition of the Olympic torch relay, and was an influential historian of sport, particularly the Olympic games.

Cracked only by Siddarth Pai, I am afraid.



29 03 2011

Id the sport that has been depicted in this picture.

Answer = The sport is jousting!


29 03 2011

These matches, in the 1970 FIFA WC Qualifying Round, were the immediate cause of what?

Answer = These matches between Honduras and El Salvador precipitated the Football War or the Hundred Hour War or the Soccer War between these two countries, even though there existed many other deep-lying more promiment causes.

8 June 1969 1 – 0
Gómez Goal

15 June 1969 3 – 0
Acevedo Goal
Martinez Goal
Rodriguez Goal
26 June 1969 3 – 2


25 03 2011

Whom did Barack Obama once describe as “The Michael Jordan of cricket”?

Answer = Being the 400th question, it had to be Brian Lara, hadn’t it? 🙂


25 03 2011

Id her. What was she the first woman to do?

(Clue in the pic)

Answer = Enriqueta Basilio, a Mexican athlete. She was the first woman ever to light the Olympic Cauldron. She did so at the 1968 Mexico Olympics


23 03 2011

What is this the logo of? What is its motto? Who proposed the motto?

Answer = This is the logo of the Asian Games. Its motto is “Ever Onward“, given by Jawaharlal Nehru


22 03 2011

What is this trophy awarded for?

Answer = FIFA Women’s World Cup winners. Went uncracked, surprisingly