30 06 2011

Who was this character from the movie “Cars” voiced by? (Workoutable)

Answer = Strip “The King” Weathers is a Dinoco Blue veteran racecar voiced by NASCAR veteran Richard Petty. He is based on Petty’s 1970 Plymouth Superbird; his number, 43, was also Petty’s racecar number, and the “Dinoco Blue” color is taken from Petty’s Superbird on display at the Richard Petty Museum.

Omkar, Rajesh and Pranav Santurkar share the spoils for this week with 3 points each. Nice work, guys.



30 06 2011

Very easy one.

This cricketer is the only person from India’s smallest state to play for India. During his most famous series in 1970-71 tour, he was asked at the airport whether he had anything to declare. ‘I have come here with runs’, he replied, ‘and I’ll go back with more’. After the series he was described as the “Renaissance Man of Indian Cricket”. Id him.

Answer = Dilip Sardesai it is!


29 06 2011

What is this?

Answer = These are spurs, fused mainly by cowboys on the heels of their boots for the purpose of directing a horse while riding. In case you are wondering, the sports connect is the San Antonio Spurs. It is even featured in their logo as the “U”


28 06 2011

Easy one.

What word, from the Scots language, referring to an area of coastal sand dunes or an open parkland, comes from the fact that that area of land connects the land with the sea?

Answer = Links, as in the style of golf course


27 06 2011

What now common thing did this guy introduce to the sport of hockey in 1992?

Answer = This is Dutch hockey international Taco van den Honert. He introduced the drag flick to the outdoor game  in the summer of 1992, after a change in the penalty corner rules permitting shots higher than 45 cm. Drag flicks had already been used in indoor hockey prior to 1992.

Went uncracked!


23 06 2011

Playing field of which sport?

Answer = Tejo, the national sport of Colombia. The sport was started by the Chibcha people from western Colombia. It is played by throwing a metal plate or disc weighing about 2 kg at a target so as to make it strike the “mechas” (gunpowder) in the middle of the target. Whoever makes the most “mechas” explode wins.

Sorry for the tough one there, guys. This low-scoring week saw a four-way tie, with Rohit, Fan of Jack, Omkar and Sandipan Ghosh sharing the title with 3 points each. Nice work.


23 06 2011

Posting two for today, as I wont be in town tomorrow.

Id the author. Can be worked out from the book.

Answer = Sid Watkins, who served 27 years as the  Formula One Safety and Medical Delegate, head of the Formula One on-track medical team, and first responder in case of a crash from 1978 till 2005