28 02 2011

In ice hockey, what two-word term is used to describe the situation where one team gets a player sent off for a foul, and the other team holds a numerical advantage?

Answer = Power play. Pwned by 6 of you



25 02 2011

Id this former player of Blackburn Rovers and Crewe Alexandra, who was affected by the “Wembley Hoodoo”, a phrase coined by sports page headline writers in the 1950s as a succession of FA Cup finals were spoilt by one of the teams either losing an injured player or being forced to continue with a hobbling passenger.

Answer = Dave Whelan, owner of JJB Sports and Wigan Athletic, and the guy after whom the DW stadium is named.

Winner of this week’s Weekly Championship is Siddharth Pai, with a perfect 5. Great going!


24 02 2011

This guy  was an English sportsman of the Victorian era. He played cricket for Nottinghamshire and football for Nottingham Forest and also played once for the England national football team, against Scotland in 1880.  He later became a football referee and was in charge of the first ever match in which goal nets were used. He was Nottingham Forest’s chairman from 1879 to 1884. Tell me his claim to fame.

Answer = Sam Weller Widdowson is credited with inventing football shin pads in 1874 when he cut down a pair of cricket pads and strapped them outside his stockings. 


24 02 2011

Question from our regular Sandipan Ghosh :

What in the world of cricket are “Gangadin” & ” Gangaram” ?

Answer = The light and heavy rollers at Eden Gardens. Good crack by many of you. ND’s answer was best though.


22 02 2011

The earliest recorded references to this sport is found in the 12th century classic Manasollasa (1135 AD) by Somesvara Chalukya. However, the sport does not become visible in practice and well recorded until it was revived or invented in the 19th century by Balambhatta Dada Deodhar, the fitness instructor of Peshwa Bajirao II during the reign of the Peshwas. It literally means “Pole gymnastics”. What sport is this?

Answer = This is Mallakhamb


21 02 2011

What did the LA Times describe thus :

When _____ began throwing the shot, the standard method was to rock back on one leg, swing the other in front for balance, hop forward and propel the iron ball forward. ______ instead began by facing the back of the circle. He then turned 180 degrees, using the spin to generate momentum and help him throw the shot greater distances.

Answer = Parry O’ Brien, the shot putter, and his famous “Glide” technique


18 02 2011

All you perverts out there, lets see if you can identify this lady by looking at her face

Answer =


Winners for this week are Appu S, raklodramA, Harish Krishna and Siddharth Pai