30 01 2010

Simple one. Whose autobiography?

Answer = Nick Bollettieri, famed American tennis coach.

And Kaushik is our Weekly Winner, with 5.5 points! Congrats! 🙂



29 01 2010

Before going on to today’s question, I would like to mention that “Own Goal !!!” is now part of http://quizzing.in/ as well as http://www.quizblogs.com/. Check the blog roll or click on these links for access to some of the finest quiz blogs.

And I will be away tomorrow. So posting 2 questions now. Winner for the weekly championship will be announced after I return.

Slightly tough one here. Whose grave is this?

The epitaph reads : “Respect this place / this hallowed ground / a legend here / his rest has found / his feet would fly / our spirits soar / he earned our love for evermore”.

Answer = Red Rum, the only race horse to win the Grand National 3 times! Tough one that one, but cracked by Subramaniam, Sandipan Ghosh, Kaushik and Kumar Gaurav! Well done! 🙂


28 01 2010

Who was the first person to hold the post that this guy is currently holding?

Answer = This is Don Fabio Capello, pic taken from his playing days at Roma. He is the current manager of the England soccer team, so the first guy to hold this post would be Walter Winterbottom


28 01 2010

This guy (1), in 2008, was named the greatest college football player of all time by ESPN. In 1926, he became involved in a dispute with his team and left to form 2. 2 lasted only one season, during which 1 played for 3, which has a more famous and hugely successful namesake in another sport. 1,2 and 3 please.

1 =

Answer = 1-Harold Edward “Red” Grange, 2-American Football League, 3- New York Yankees. Tough one there. Cracked by Kaushik and Sandipan Ghosh! Well done!


26 01 2010

Today’s question is inspired by a question that Ajay Parasuraman sent me.

The Woman’s Sports Foundation “1” Courage Award is presented to a female athlete who exhibits extraordinary courage in her athletic performance, demonstrates the ability to overcome adversity, makes significant contributions to sports and serves as an inspiration and role model to those who face challenges, overcomes them and strives for success at all levels. This award was first given in 1996 to a person named after 2. 1 and 2?

1 =

2 =

Answer = 1 is Wilma Rudolph, the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field during a single Olympic Games. 2 is Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of JFK. And the winner of the award who was named after Kennedy was Jackie Joyner-Kersee


25 01 2010

Easy one for today

This person was the first to achieve something, in 1930. Nobody else has managed to do it (the achievements’ constituents have changed since then), though a few have done it in another sport. Who? What achievement?

Answer = This is Bobby Jones, who won a “Grand Slam” for the first time, in golf, by winning all the 4 major trophies at that time : The US Open, British Open, the US Amateur and the British Amateur championships. Today of course its the US Open, British Open, Augusta Masters and the PGA Championship. Nobody else has achieved it in golf, though Don Budge, Rod Laver, Maureen Connolly, Margaret Court-Smith and Steffi Graf have done so in tennis


24 01 2010

Today’s question comes courtesy Balaji :

Id the race. Tell me whats unique about what the guy is holding. Who designed it? Also, what was the motive behind the change?

Answer = Felipe Massa, the winner of the 2009 Brazilian GP, is seen holding an unusual three-pronged  and turquoise-colored trophy. The trophies for this GP were designed by the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer and were constructed of recycled plastic bottle tops, collected on site over the course of the grand prix weekend, and remoulded at the site’s plastic recycling plant. The initiative is to highlight sponsor Petrobras’ (an oil company) green credentials