30 11 2009

What was started by this dude in 1930 in Montevideo , when he observed that youngsters were practicing on basketball courts because of shortage of actual pitches?

Answer = Futsal. Feeling good today because the exams went well. So gave points to Nooney for indoor football. Do be precise in your answers, guys



29 11 2009

Today’s question comes courtesy Bala.

Connect these two gentlemen :


Answer = 1 is Ken Rosewall, the tennis player. 2 is India’s spinning legend Venkatapathy Raju. Both were nicknamed “Muscles“, because they didn’t have any


29 11 2009

What often-used sporting term is derived from the match shown below?

Answer = This is the Royal Shrovetide football match held in Ashbourne, Derbyshire each year, which gave rise to the term derby to refer to a clash between 2 local rivals in football. Only Praveen managed to crack this one.

And we have a two-way tie for our Weekly Winner between Haroon and Rohit, both with 4 points. Great going, guys! 🙂


27 11 2009

There is a special type of hat-trick named after this guy (X), though he himself did it only twice in his career- on October 10, 1953, and March 21, 1954. Harry Cameron scored the first ever X hat-trick on December 26, 1917, while playing for the Toronto Arenas. Brendan Shanahan holds the record for the most number of hat-tricks, with 17. Who is X? And what do you have to do score an “X hat-trick”?

X =

Answer = Gordie Howe hat-trick in ice hockey : a match in which you score a goal, record an assist and get into a fight! 🙂


26 11 2009

The guy shown below became too popular as a result of his failures in 1988 and athletes and officials felt that he was making a mockery of the sport. So a rule was introduced by the IOC (named after him), which stated that  Olympic hopefuls had to compete in international events and place in the top 30 percent or the top 50 competitors, whichever is the lesser, to take part in the Olympic Games. Who?

Answer = This is the skier Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards


25 11 2009

Connect these 2 guys :

Answer = 1 is Dashiel Hammet, author of “The Maltese Falcon”. 2 is Mario Fenech, the Australian rugby league player, who is nicknamed “The Maltese Falcon” because he is of Maltese descent. So the connect would be The Maltese Falcon.

Giving points to Rohit though he got 2 wrong because he got 1 and the connection right.

Extra Fundae : Falcon is a tongue-in-cheek term used to describe an accidental knock to the head. Reason : On The Footy Show, presenter Mario Fenech’s weekly segment was introduced by a piece of footage from his playing days showing a ball being passed accidentally into his head, and thus the ‘Golden Falcon Award’ began to be informally awarded to players whose head came into contact with the football in professional matches. This was shortened to just ‘Falcon’, and its use became more widespread, referring to any instance of an object coming into contact with a person’s head.


24 11 2009

If the guy shown below is the second player to score a century in BOTH his debut home AND away tests for England, who was the first?

Answer = The legendary Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar, better known as K.S. Ranjitsinhji or Ranji. Sreeram and Haroon cracked this