30 08 2010

The X number was created by friends as a humorous tribute to the enormous output of  X and has become well-known in scientific circles as a tongue-in-cheek measurement of mathematical prominence. It is said that Y has an X number of 1 because he autographed a baseball with X when Emory University awarded them both honorary degrees on the same day. Put X and Y

X =

Answer = X is Paul Erdos, the Hungarian mathematician of the Erdős number fame, while Y is Hank Aaron.



27 08 2010

What is this book is concerned with?

Answer = Game of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, and the Steroids Scandal that Rocked Professional Sports is a bestselling non-fiction book published on March 23, 2006 and written by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, reporters for the San Francisco Chronicle. The book chronicles alleged extensive use of performance-enhancing drugs, including several different types of steroids and growth hormones, by San Francisco Giants outfielder Barry Bonds.

After quite some time, there is a tie for the weekly championship  this time around, with Sandipan Ghosh and Rohit bagging the honors with 3 points apiece. Kudos!


26 08 2010

Brothers 1 and 2 started company 3. Just name 3

1 =

2 =

3 =

Answers = The company is Umbro founded by the brothers Harold and Wallace Humphreys


25 08 2010

This is a painting by  French painter James Tissot depicting the 1877 edition of what event?

Answer = This is the Henley Royal Regatta, held every year on the Thames for five days over the first weekend in July


24 08 2010

Id 1. He started a NASCAR team to promote 2, which was started by 3. Put 2 and 3 too, while you are at it

1 =

2 =

3 =

Answer = 1 is Kenton Gray, an American NASCAR driver, who founded the Dianetics Racing Team to promote Scientology (2), which was founded by L. Ron Hubbard (3). Brilliant crack by Rohit


23 08 2010

Owngoal!!! is back!

Id the person in this mugshot :

Answer = Charles Barkley, after he was arrested by the police for drunken driving in 2008


13 08 2010

Another simple one to round off the week.

Whats his name?

Answer = Stumpy, the mascot of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

And Harish Krishna is the winner yet again! Kudos! 🙂

And I’m afraid I won’t be able to post questions next week as I will be preparing for GRE. Check back on Monday, the 23rd of  August for a brand new week.