28 02 2010

Guest question from Aravind.

Id the guy.

Answer = This is Martin O Neill, current manager of Aston Villa. Cracked only by Mithilesh



27 02 2010

What is the Zulu word for “celebrate”?

Answer = Jabulani, the ball manufactured by Adidas to be used for the 2010 FIFA WC.

Mithilesh is the winner this week with a perfect 7! ūüôā Way to go!


26 02 2010

Easy one again.

This is the coat of arms of a school in England, which lent its name to a certain sport. Which sport?

Answer = This is Rugby School, where William Webb Ellis apparently started the sport of rugby.


25 02 2010

Easy one this I feel

What am i talking about?

Tests :

ODIs :

Twenty-20s :

Answer = Highest score in a losing cause in the 3 forms of the game : Ricky Ponting, Charles Coventry and Chris Gayle


24 02 2010

Today’s is a guest question from Balaji.

1 claims that he was the first to do this act,  on October 28, 1985, on 2. However, 3 claims that he invented it in 1984 when he performed it on 4. It gained national attention in 1986, when it was done on 2 seventeen times. Just give me the act.

1 =

2 =

3 =

4 =

Answer = This is the¬†Gatorade shower, also known as the¬†Gatorade dunk and the¬†Gatorade bath. It¬†is a sports tradition involving dumping a cooler full of ¬†Gatorade¬†over a coach’s head following a win.

1 is Jim Burt, 2 is Bill Parcells, 3 is Dan Hampton and 4 is Mike Ditka.

Nice crack by Arvi, Mithilesh and Kaushik Saha!


24 02 2010

The crest of which team was based on the coat of arms shown below?

Answer = This is the coat of arms of Manchester City Council. Actually the crests of both Manchester United and Manchester City are based on it, so have given points for both.


22 02 2010

What is this a memorial of?

Answer = The Golden Team or the Magical Magyars, the Hungary national football team of the 1950s held in esteem to be the greatest national side ever in international competition. Blanked out are the names of the players who represented that team, which includes Ferenc Puskás, Sándor Kocsis, Nándor Hidegkuti, Zoltán Czibor, József Bozsik and Gyula Grosics. They are widely believed to have re-invented football in the post World War II era, and are considered to the greatest team to never win the FIFA WC.