30 12 2010

What is the name given to the white ball?

Answer = From the sport of bowls, this ball is called the “Jack.” Also accept “Kitty.” Cracked only by Harish Krishna



29 12 2010

What is the name given to this type of long underwear? How did it get its name?

Answer = These are called “Long Johns“, and they are apparently named after the boxer John L. Sullivan, who wore them during fights.


28 12 2010

Id and connect them both

Answer = Billy the goat and Fred the Red : Mascots of Manchester United


27 12 2010

This sporting legend, famous for a long winning streak among others, was given a nickname, that, incidentally, also happened to be a translation of his first name. Id him and gimme the nickname

Answer = This is Jahangir Khan, one of the greatest squash players of all time (he had a winning streak of 555 matches). His nickname was “The Conqueror”, which is what “Jahangir” means.

Full points for Sandipan Ghosh alone


24 12 2010

Id the trophy

Answer = This is the Buffett Cup, a bridge trophy which is awarded biennially in an event between teams from Europe and the United States. The tournament is modeled on the Ryder Cup and is held in the week preceding the golf event at a nearby location. The competition was first held in 2006 and is named after its sponsor, American businessman Warren Buffett. Teams are selected by invitation and must contain at least two female players. The competition format is a mixture of team of four, pairs and individual sessions with point-a-board scoring throughout.

Cracked by none. And in a low-scoring week, Sandipan Ghosh, Mithilesh and Pranav Santurkar emerge joint champions with a mere 2 points.


24 12 2010

Id the sport

Answer = This is Calcio Fiorentino, an early form of football that originated in 16th century Italy. The Piazza Santa Croce of Florence is the cradle of this sport, that became known as giuoco del calcio fiorentino (“Florentine kick game”) or simply calcio (“kick”).


23 12 2010

1 first described it and correctly inferred its cause ´╗┐in 1672 after watching tennis players in Cambridge college. It is now named after 2, who described the effect in 1852. Name 1 and 2. Also gimme what I am talking about.

1 =

2 =

Answer = The Magnus effect is commonly used to explain the often mysterious and commonly observed movements of spinning balls in sport, especially association football, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, golf, baseball, cricket and in various paintball marker brands. 1 is Isaac Newton and 2 is Heinrich Magnus.