29 11 2010

Though improperly thought to have originated from the name of a recently disgraced golfer, there are actually two theories to the origin of this golfing phrase –

1. From the 1959 James Bond tale Goldfinger where author Ian Fleming describes the second hole at Royal St George as ‘a 370-yard dogleg to the left with deep cross-bunkers daring you to ____ ____ _____ _____’

2. From Leeds club Sand Moor where model _____s were used to denote the back tees.

The good phrase ?

Answer : Taking the tiger line – which refers to the bravest shot to the green. Cracked by 4 of you.

And Mithilesh wins this week’s championship !

And that’s it from me Pinko, thanks for bearing it with me 🙂

A revitalized Harish will be back with jaw-dropping questions from next week !



28 11 2010

Two simple questions to finish off the week. What was the inspiration for this movie ?


Answer : The Jamaican Bobsled that participated the 1988 Winter Olympics.


26 11 2010

It is not sure if the book shown below contributed to the nickname of the person in question, but he certainly cites it as one of the major guiding forces in his life. Who is this person, known for approaching his profession using principles by Eastern philosophy and is one of the greatest, if not, the greatest, in what he does ?

Answer: ‘Zen Master’ Phil Jackson.

Cracked by Rohit and Mithilesh.


26 11 2010

Connect the 2 people and a certain Dr. David Hart.

Answer : The MVP awards in the major sports leagues – NBA, MLB and NHL. Maurice Podoloff, Kenesaw Landis and David Hart respectively.

Cracked by Mithilesh alone.


23 11 2010

In 2006, when the song “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by The Scorpions was used by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ cheerleaders in their halftime routine during a game, it caused a controversy and many considered the song as being played in poor taste. Question is, who were their offended opponents ?


Ans : The New Orleans Saints

Cracked by 7 of you ! Possibly the most cracked answer on owngoal.


20 11 2010

For lack of a better question, identify this board game.

Answer : Xiangqi, the board game featuring in the Asian games.

Cracked by Sandipan Ghosh and pranav santurkar

Sandipan is our winner this week !


19 11 2010

Shown below is a commercially released bootleg Pink Floyd CD. Which ‘sport’ is the CD name a reference to ?

Answer : 43 man Squamish.

Cracked by Sandipan Ghosh, Mithilesh and pranav santurkar