23 06 2011

Playing field of which sport?

Answer = Tejo, the national sport of Colombia. The sport was started by the Chibcha people from western Colombia. It is played by throwing a metal plate or disc weighing about 2 kg at a target so as to make it strike the “mechas” (gunpowder) in the middle of the target. Whoever makes the most “mechas” explode wins.

Sorry for the tough one there, guys. This low-scoring week saw a four-way tie, with Rohit, Fan of Jack, Omkar and Sandipan Ghosh sharing the title with 3 points each. Nice work.




4 responses

23 06 2011

Basque Pelota 😛

23 06 2011
arpit mehta


23 06 2011
Sandipan Ghosh


23 06 2011

Tejo a traditional Columbia Sport

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