15 06 2011

The X vs Y game was a first-class cricket match that was generally played on an annual basis between one team consisting of amateurs and one of professionals. The first two games took place in 1806 and the fixture was revived in 1819. It was more or less annual thereafter  and there were usually two or more games each season. The game was played over three days on all but a handful of occasions throughout its history. The most common venue for the match was Lord’s, but a number of other grounds were used, notably The Oval and Scarborough, and it was at Scarborough where the very last game was played in September 1962. The  series ended after the 1962 season, when the distinction between amateur and professional players was abolished. X and Y?

Answer = This is the Gentlemen vs Players match. Cracked by four of you.




4 responses

15 06 2011
somnath chanda

Gentlemen vs Players

15 06 2011
Sandipan Ghosh

X: Gentlemen Y: Players

16 06 2011

Gentlemen vs Player’s matches . After 1962 no such distinction was necessary !!

16 06 2011
pranav santurkar

Gentlemen vs Players

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