11 06 2011

What  name did the guy who is dunking give to the shoes that he is wearing in this pic? Whats the funda?

Answer = The person dunking is Nate Robinson, then of the NY Knicks. He dubbed his shoes “Kryptonate“, as a counterpart to Dwight Howard’s (the person over whom he is dunking) Superman personality. This was the 2009 Slam Dunk competition.




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11 06 2011

Kryptonite – Dwight did the previous dunk dressed up as Superman.

11 06 2011
rey de vaqueiros

This is nate robinson of the ny knicks. Shoe nickname – mugsy? Shortest person in dunk contest before him?

12 06 2011
Soumiran Banerjee

Air Jordan Melo shoes. Carmelo Anthony was not given his series of shoes. Rather his shoes Air Joran Melo shoes took basic design from Air Jordan line of shoes. The design was modified to be custom made for him, hence the name Air Jordan Melo.

13 06 2011

“KryptoNATE” deriving from Kryptonite and Nate Robinson( the guy making the slam dunk)

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