13 01 2011

What has been blanked out? Gimme the 3rd blank, which is just a combination of the first 2 things I have blanked out

I know this seems to be cryptic, but you ought to get it from the one word that you can actually see, and the guy in the pic

Answer = In 2010, the Ballon d’Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year award were merged and the world’s best player has since been awarded the FIFA Ballon d’Or each year. Sepp Blatter is holding up the agreement confirming the same.

@ Rohit = Why da? Another Techofes question gone?



13 01 2011

The first usage of this term is from sportswriter Stanley Woodward (1895–1965).

A proportion of our eastern ___ colleges are meeting little fellows another Saturday before plunging into the strife and the turmoil.

According to book Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins (1988), author William Morris writes that Stanley Woodward actually took the term from fellow New York Tribune sportswriter Caswell Adams. Morris writes that during the 1930s, the Fordham University football team was running roughshod over all its opponents. One day in the sports room at the Tribune, the merits of Fordham’s football team were being compared to those of Princeton and Columbia. Adams remarked disparagingly of the latter two, saying they were “only ___ ______” Woodward, the sports editor of the Tribune, picked up the term and printed the next day.

What two-word term?

Answer = Ivy League